July Double Acts of Kindness- Ray Fernandez ‘86

A note from Ray Fernandez, Class of 1986 I’m very proud to have graduated from Villanova in 1986 with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree. My four years at Villanova were unforgettable. I met amazing classmates that are my life long friends, received an incredible education, and witnessed the first of three NCAA basketball championships. Villanova is in my blood as my father graduated in 1962, and I met my wife, Sally, at Villanova. From the first time I stepped on campus as a twelve year old to watch a basketball game in the Jake Nevin Fieldhouse, I knew Villanova was the place for me. After graduation I worked for one year in Allentown, PA at Brown Boveri and then moved on to work at PJM Interconnection, the Regional Transmission Operator for the electrical grid. I’ve been at PJM for 31 years now, and I’ve had the opportunity to work in many different areas within the company and utilize the skills and knowledge I attained at Villanova. I learned about the Blue White Scholarship Foundation a few years ago. I remember what a challenge it was to get through my freshman and sophomore years at Villanova, and any student that progresses that far should never miss out on the opportunity to finish their college studies at Villanova. PJM Interconnection has a matching gift program, and my company makes it so easy with one simple form to double my donation. The extra effort it takes to get the matching gift is nothing compared to the benefit it provides scholarships to deserving students at Villanova.

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