August Acts of Kindness- Mike Neary ‘92

We can’t say “Thank you” enough to Michael Neary, who designated Blue White Scholarship Foundation as his golf team’s Charity of Choice in the UBS Financial Services 4th Annual Charity Challenge Golf Outing.

His winning team earned $1,000 and UBS matched with a $500 contribution. The Program Book described the Blue White Scholarship Foundation Mission as follows: “The Blue White Scholarship foundation is an independent public charity composed of Villanova University

alumni and friends hoping to “pay it forward” by providing scholarships for Villanova University students. The Foundation uses charitable fundraising to help bridge the gap between student financial need and the aid given by the university. These need-based scholarships help Villanova University juniors and seniors avoid financial hardship and complete their undergraduate degrees when they might not have been able to otherwise. In addition, the Foundation pairs scholarship recipients with mentors who can help guide them

toward their desired career aspirations.” I thought that summed us up pretty well. Don’t you?

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